Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Last Day

The draft is done; the Pirates took 32 pitchers (27 right-handers and five lefties; 20 were from high school), 8 infielders, three catchers, and 7 outfielders by GW's count. Twenty six of the fifty players selected overall were high school players.

We can't really complain about the pitcher/fielder ratio, as there is no such thing as too much pitching. But GW would have liked to see some bats scattered among the earlier picks to balance the other side of the equation.

If they sign their top two picks, Jameson Tailland and Stetson Allie, along with a couple of high school arms and the usual cast of suspects, it will go down as another good draft for Huntington and company based on its promise.

Yesterday's selections:

Round 31 - RHP Jason Townsend (University of Alabama Tuscaloosa)
Round 32 - IF Chase Lyles (Northwestern State)
Round 33 - LHP Justin Ennis (Louisiana State Shreveport)
Round 34 - SS Kelson Brown (Linfield College)
Round 35 - CF Andrew Muren (Cal State Northridge)
Round 36 - RHP James Archibald (McLennan Community College)
Round 37 - C William Allen (Buchholz High)
Round 38 - RHP Alex Cox (Santiago High School)
Round 39 - RHP Kevin Decker (College of Charleston)
Round 40 - RHP Harrison Cooney (Vero Beach High, Florida)
Round 41 - RHP Bryton Trepagnier (East St. John High School, Louisiana)
Round 42 - LHP Stephen Lumpkins (American University)
Round 43 - RHP Garrett Hicks (Yucaipa High, California)
Round 44 - RHP Cory McGinnis (Shelton State Community College, Alabama) pitched for Hampton in his prep days.
Round 45 - RHP Connor Sadzeck (Crystal Lake Central High, Illinois)
Round 46 - C Ryan Wiggins (West Seattle High)
Round 47 - CF Nathan Sorenson (Texas High)
Round 48 - LHP Dillon Haviland (South Fayette High) is a local kid who's committed to Duke.
Round 49 - RHP Logan Pevny (West Milford High, New Jersey)
Round 50 - RHP Dusty Isaacs (Lebanon High, Ohio)

(We'll get their bios as they sign)


Tyler Brown said...

Kelson Brown was drafted as a SS. The RHP label is in error.

Ron Ieraci said...
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Ron Ieraci said...

Thanks, Tyler; my bad. I fixed it up. Any relation to Kelson?

tjkrbrown said...

Yes! I'm his father. And, yes, I'm currently in a 12-step program for recovering Baseball Dads. Letting go can be a bit difficult. (smile) By the way, I have all the photos and info anyone wants.

Ron Ieraci said...

You should be a proud papa, Tyler. Good luck to Kelson; he plays a position the Bucs aren't very deep at, so it's nice to see him signed and ready to go at State College.