Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nate McLouth

MLB Trade Rumors has a piece written by Mike Axisa on ex-Bucco OF'er Nate McLouth titled "Make or Break Year: Nate McLouth."

It covers the Pirates selling high and Nate the Great, now 29, hitting the free market after the season. Was 2010 just the year from hell or did the NL pitchers put together a book or McLouth? We'll find out soon.


WilliamJPellas said...

I'm a big McLouth believer. To me, there's no mystery whatsoever: the guy has had a chronic hamstring injury since spring training of 2009. Even with that, he still managed his second consecutive 20-20 season (yes, readers, I know it was 19 steals the second year, but you get my point). Players with that kind of all-around power and speed combo who also have McLouth's defensive ability don't grow on trees, even if Nate will never hit much more than .250 or .260. In terms of his age, he should still be in his prime. It's simply a matter of health. If he can stay off the trainer's table, I have zero doubt that he can return to his previous form or something close to it. Unfortunately the kind of injury he has rarely ever heals completely. Chronic leg problems chopped down Ken Griffey Jr. and they took out a number of prominent players before him.

Ron Ieraci said...

That's a big if, Wil. We'll see this year if he can stay in one piece.