Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speak of the Devil...

Hey, we were just talking about the Pirates' minor league talent, and even tho GW is a widely renown tightwad and unlikely to scale the tiniest of subscription walls, thanks to John Perrotto's tweets, we have the rating of the Pirate's farm system:

Baseball America rates the Buccos at #19 in their Handbook, and Keith Law of ESPN ranks them #21 in his Insider report.

So even with all the money tossed at the draft in the past three years, the combination of very little talent from the Littlefield days coupled with some misses dealing for prospects and an emphasis on prep arms by the current FO still leaves the Pirate organization in the MLB's bottom third. It's tough to build a club that way.

Maybe, just maybe, the guys running the club will take a serious look at the free agent market in the future; it doesn't look like the self-grown help is going to arrive for awhile yet.

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