Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tabata's Extension Numbers

The Pirates confirmed Jose Tabata's extension today, and here are the numbers, pretty much as previously reported:

  • $500,000 this year (it was $428,000) plus a $1M signing bonus
  • $750,000 in 2012
  • $1M in 2013
  • $3M in 2014
  • $4M in 2015
  • $4.5M in 2016 for a guaranteed $14.75 million
  • club option - $6.5M in 2017
  • club option - $7.5M in 2018
  • club option - $8.5M in 2019
  • options total $22.5 million, with a $250,000 buyout attached to each option year.

Pretty reasonable rates; no wonder JT's old agents doth protest. It guarantees a core piece of the team is tied up through 2016, and gives the Bucs a bargain or a cheap out during early free agency. This move signals a fairly keen strategy.

The Bucs pitching isn't supposed to arrive until 2014 or beyond, so keeping the position players together until they arrive is a trend we think they'll follow with Neil Walker and McCutch (Alvarez has options through the 2014 season), although he'll be a much tougher nut to sign.

It shouldn't impact the payroll very much, either. We'd expect next year's hit to be in the $50M range, Yankee lunch money but a step up for the FO. 

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