Tuesday, August 9, 2011


RHP James McDonald (7-5, 4.23) will go against the Giants LHP Madison Bumgarner (6-11, 3.71). The game will be at 10:15 PM and shown on Root Sports.

Lineup: Andrew  McCutchen CF, Garrett Jones RF, Neil Walker 2B, Derrek Lee 1B, Ryan Ludwick LF, Ryan Doumit C, Brandon Wood 3B, Ronny Cedeno SS, James McDonald P.

Cedeno is out of the doghouse and back at short, while Wood takes over the hot corner for Pedro tonight.

  • Jose Tabata is slated to start in right field and hit leadoff today during his rehab stint at Indy. The Bucs are already looking at the best way to put together an outfield once he and Alex Presley, who is getting his swings in at Bradenton, return later this month.
  • Charlie Morton's shutout was the ninth of the year for the staff after collectively throwing six in 2010. The last time they had this many was 2006, when the pitchers spun ten scoreless games. 
  • The Giants don't have much sympathy for the Pirates recent woes; they've only won two of their last eleven games.
  • The beat gang reports that Lyle Overbay has cleared waivers and is now a free agent.


WilliamJPellas said...

It's a shame, but it looks like Ryan Ludwick won't amount to much of anything in Pittsburgh. I was hopeful that he would add some "oomph" to the lineup, but he's been curiously ineffective since coming to town. I would be surprised if he sees much playing time in September, assuming that's when Tabata and Presley make it back.

Not that Tabata has been any great shakes this season, himself. He certainly hasn't been. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he was dealt this coming offseason if a heavier hitter can be acquired (I'm assuming Ludwick won't be resigned, a decision I'm fine with given his age and declining production). Presley would then presumably take over in left on a more or less full time basis. We'll see which way they go, of course.

On the other hand I really like Derrek Lee, at least I do if he's healthy. Back in the National League, where he's played almost all of his career, he'd figure to be more productive. Though signing him for the next year or two would cost some $$, he shouldn't be catastrophically expensive, and he'd be a darned sight better than what Overbay "produced" for us this year. Lee at first would mean more of Pedro at third, and Pedro can't play third, but then it's looking like he can't play much of anywhere. I don't think he'll scuffle forever, but the jury is definitely out as to whether he'll ever justify "first pick in the draft" status. My guess is he won't. Now, if in the meantime he can manage a couple of 25 or 30 HR seasons---probably with a sub-.250 average---before he leaves town and then eats himself out of the league, we should count our blessings and move on. I definitely do not believe he'll be here long term, ie, past his walk year.

Ron Ieraci said...

My guess is the next guy to go is Steve Pearce; he and Wood are redundant, and Wood looks like he can play off the bench better. But the second guy will be a coin toss.

I never counted on Pedro being long term in Pittsburgh, but I don't think his conditioning is as bad as all that. He's just a bulky human, not an athlete, and there's not a lot to be done about that.

But he'll be at the hot corner at least next year unless they deal just because there's no one on the horizon to challenge him for the position.